Chip – CH Afara Country Roads

Eng/Am CH Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik x Afara Zipadeedoodah

Chip was the third puppy out of our “C” litter to finish. My good friend Jill Miller (Reverie Belgian Shepherds) said “You are the only Pem breeder I would buy a dog from. I want a very pretty and good moving dog.” When Chip showed his outstanding movement at 8 weeks I called Jill and told her. Jill and I co-own him but he immediately became her husband, Jim’s dog. Jim is a geologist and Chip goes on long rock collecting trips with him. He sits on his dad’s lap to watch TV and waits for Jim in his office when he is gone.

At Chip’s first outing as a special he won Select Dog at the Cascade specialty under breeder judge Pat Hess!

Chip is OFA Fair hips, elbows Normal, eyes Clear (first exam at 8 weeks), cardiac/vWD Clear, and DM Carrier.

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