Connor – CH Afara Calico Pony

Eng/Am CH Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik x Afara Zipadeedoodah

ZuZu’s strength’s are her good shoulder/upper arm, topline, bone and movement and her weaknesses are her size and head. So she needed to be bred to a pretty-headed smaller dog that wouldn’t detract from her good structure and movement. Barb Hughes (Highgrove) had just gotten back Eng Ch Rosewood Set Sail to Salvenik (Sonny) from Teresa Maddox (Salvenik). Sonny has a very pretty head and good movement and is smaller than ZuZu. Both ZuZu and Sonny are DM Carriers so the match was made. This was my seventh DM Carrier to DM Carrier breeding in 4 generations. In those previous 6 breedings I had not gotten any DM Clear puppies and since I was breeding primarily for one gene I was getting very very few show quality puppies. When you breed for one gene or one characteristic your dogs tend to lose their positive characteristics. Positive characteristics such as sloping shoulders, long upper arms, level toplines, pretty heads, good bone, dark eyes, and good movement are very difficult to get and can be lost in one generation.

This breeding gave me Connor, Cory and Chip. Connor and Chip are both DM Carriers and Cory is my first DM Clear puppy that is truly show quality (finally!!!). Connor was a very promising puppy who grew into even a better dog. Connor won all his majors at specialties. Finally, showing my dog in Britain was on my bucket list so Connor and I flew to Britain in May 2018 to show at the Welsh Corgi League show (their National Specialty) and won Reserve Best in Show under Amanda Jane Rees!

Cascade PWCC -Kim Neilsen

Lakeshore PWCC  – Simon Parsons

Palmetto PWCC – Amanda Jane Rees

Connor won his class at the 2016 and 2017 Nationals

PWCCA 2016 National Specialty – Liz Cartledge

PWCCA 2017 National Specialty – Ann Bowes

Connor is OFA Good hips, Normal elbows, clear eyes (first exam at 8 weeks), clear cardiac (by Echo Cardiogram), vWD clear and DM Carrier.


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