Mariah and Molly

For Cory’s second breeding I could not find a male that had all the health certifications, structure and movement that met my needs so decided to “double-up” on ZuZu’s health certifications, structure and movement. ZuZu is a result of 9 generations of good health certifications and, more importantly, all her puppies from her litters had good health certifications – both almost non-existent in the breed. Also ZuZu produced her excellent structure and movement consistently in her puppies. So I bred Cory to her half brother Gideon. 

The pick of the litter was a red bitch, Molly, but she was a DM Carrier. She went to Joan Adams in Louisiana. I kept the second pick bitch, Mariah. Mariah took a while to mature, going through many awkward adolescent stages. Finally close to 3 years of age she started to blossom. She was sent to Frank Murphy who finished her, saying in his many years in dogs, Mariah was one of the sweetest dogs he has ever shown. Mariah has an excellent outline, long, arched neck, level topline (not photo-shopped), short loin, stands 4-square and has sloping shoulders with a long upper arm giving her far-reaching smooth movement. She is OFA Good hips, elbows Normal, DM/vWD/eye/cardiac Clear. 

Mariah: CH Afara Moon Shadow


After Mariah finished, we sent Molly to Frank. Molly had picked up 4 minor points with Angel Rumbolo handling and 3 points with her owner handling. Frank’s expert handling did the rest. Molly is OFA Good hips, vWD/eye/cardiac Clear, DM Carrier. 

Molly: CH Afara Moon Struck Llys Draig

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