Health Certifications

All dogs whether purebred or crossbred carry genetic diseases. Some of the advantages of purebred dogs are the diseases are predictable and ethical breeders test for genetic diseases and try to eliminate those genetic diseases from their breeds. The genetic diseases in crossbred dogs are unpredictable because they can include all the genetic diseases from all the breeds in their backgrounds. And the vast majority of crossbred dog breeders do not test for genetic diseases so do not know what diseases their dogs carry and do not try to eliminate those disease genes from their gene pool.

We only breed from dogs that are certified free of Hip Dysplasia by PennHip or OFA and cleared of hereditary eye diseases by a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Our Cardigans come from pedigrees that do not carry the PRA gene. And our Pembrokes are tested for the VWD gene.

We have over 40 dogs cleared of Hip Dysplasia on the OFA database. Both our Cardigans and Pembrokes have at least 5 generations of cleared hips along the maternal line. Which means we have more generations of cleared hips in our Cardigans than any other breeder in the country.  I can show you all the health certifications for all the generations of my Pembroke and Cardigan breedings. Whoever you buy from, your puppy will reflect all the health qualification breeding decisions that breeder has made throughout all the generations of their breeding. We encourage you to ask every breeder what kinds of health testing they have done of their breeding stock and to prove it by showing you those health certifications.

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